Are you cyber secure?

With communication, transactions, and socialization increasingly being carried out over the web, life, as we know it, has changed. The ease that the digital era provides does have a downside, however.

Going digital puts you at risk of cyberattacks carried out with the malicious intent of stealing your information or disrupting your network among other things.

With your growing use of computer devices comes the responsibility of ensuring your security online.

But not to worry - you can tackle these threats and protect yourself by first identifying your unique cybersecurity requirements, following which you can devise and implement a strategy that seamlessly protects your data and systems.

What you'll be learning in the free Email Security course.

Day 1

Using passphrases instead of passwords
  • Why  passwords are insecure
  • Using passphrases instead of passwords.
  • Different methods for a strong passphrase
  • The six word rule
  • Things to keep in mind

Day 2

Avoiding barriers in using strong passwords
  • Guide to strong passwords
  • Introduction to password managers
  • Problems with password managers
  • General misconceptions about password managers

Day 3

Making passwords and logins even stronger
  • Password breaches and how to avoid them
  • Two Factor Authentication introduction
  • How secure is Two Factor Authentication
  • Security connection with the service
  • Being extra careful with your passwords

Day 4

Phishing emails and how to spot them
  • Risks attached with malicious emails
  • Recognizing malicious emails like a pro
  • What tricks are used by scammers
  • Exercise to spot malicious emails